Missoula is famous for its arts community, and that reputation will be further enhanced with the addition of a new project titled "Before I Die, I Want To... " It is a Missoula vision board at the Central Park structure on Main Street.

Syann Stevens is co-founder of a website called TrikleTrade. Stevens is helping to introduce the message board as part of an international effort by artist Candy Chang.

"She actually has 288 of these vision boards worldwide, so the 289th will be here in Missoula," Stevens said. "It's called 'Before I Die,' so the purpose is to get the community to slow down and refocus on what's most important in their life before they pass away. It's a big chalkboard, and in the upper corner it says 'Before I Die I Want To,' and then below that a blank line. So, people can come in and use a piece of chalk to share what's most important to them."

There will be a special ceremony to launch the art project Friday, September 6, starting at 4:30 p.m. featuring Missoula Mayor Jon Engen.

"The mayor is going to come down to the Central Park building to inaugurate the wall," Stevens said. "He hasn't given us any hints about what he will write on the board, so it will be a surprise."

The 24 by 7 foot chalkboard will hang on the west side of the Central Park parking structure on West Main Street in downtown Missoula.

Syann Stevens With TrikleTrade: