A political practices complaint has been filed against Missoula Mayor John Engen, accusing him of accepting excess campaign contributions and failing to report in some cases.

Other names highlighted in the charges are Brent Campbell, president of WGM Group, an engineering firm with contracts with the city of Missoula, and State Senator Cliff Larson.

The complaint was officially posted on the state political practices complaint docket late Thursday, October 1, as " Missoula County Republican Central Committee v Engen."

Below is a full transcript of the "Statement of facts" from the complaint:

During the 2013 municipal campaign cycle, incumbent Missoula Mayor John Engen violated MCA 13-37-216 (t )(a)(iii) by accepting campaign contributions in excess of $160 from two individuals during his bid for reelection. The City of Missoula did not hold a primary election in 2013, thus there was only one election per MCA '13-37-216 (6). Further, Engen may not have reported in-kind donations that he accepted in excess of limits established in MCA 13-37-21 6 (5).

Per the enclosed candidate campaign finance reports, John Engen accepted a contribution of $160 from Brent Campbell on 3l29l2Q'13 and another $160 contribution from Mr. Campbell on 10/4/2013. Mr. Campbell's total contribution of $320 was in excess of the $160 single election contribution limitestablished in MCA 13-37-216 (l XaXiii).

Further, per the enclosed Missoulian article, Mr. Campbell held a fundraiser for John Engen's reelection on 1Ol4l2O13 with an estimated attendance of 200 people. John Engen failed to report any in-kind donations from Mr. Campbell for this campaign fundraising event, nor did Engen report any expenses for the event. Mr. Campbell is the owner and CEO of WGM Group, an engineering firm that has contracted with the City of Missoula on multiple occasions throughout Mayor Engen's time in office, to the tune of millions of dollars.

Per the enclosed campaign finance reports, John Engen accepted a campaign contribution of $150 from Montana State Senator Cliff Larsen on 312912013, and John Engen accepted another $100 contribution from Senator Larsen on 91412013. Senator Larsen's total contribution of $250 was in excess of the $160 single election contribution limit established in MCA 13-37-216 (1 XaXiii).


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