30 year-old Scott Takes Enemy has been charged with robbing a Missoula man with a knife and baseball bat along with the two suspects involved in Wednesday’s high speed chase and shootout in Lake County.

KGVO News has learned from a relative of the victim that Takes Enemy, Alta Littlelight Three Fingers and Roishell St. Dennis allegedly robbed a man of a thousand of dollars in cash and property and then threatened the victim with his life.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mark Handelman asked Judge Landee Holloway for $75,000 bond for Takes Enemy, due to the violent nature of the offenses.

“The defendant went into the victim’s home with two accomplices, held the victim at bat and knife point, while stealing over $1,000 of his property,” Handelman began. “The defendant then threatened the victim that if he were to come forward, he (Takes Enemy) would make him (the victim) disappear.”

Handelman described Takes Enemy’s arrest by Missoula Police on Thursday, December 7.

“The following day, law enforcement attempted to arrest the defendant while he was hiding in an attic,” he said. “He refused to comply, and a K-9 unit was deployed. The defendant kicked the dog in the face multiple times before surrendering. The defendant was found to be in possession of three grams of meth. The defendant has an extensive criminal history, moreover, robbery with a weapon is a violent offense that places the community in danger, and he also threatened the victim’s life if he came forward.”

Takes Enemy has been charged with felony robbery and criminal possession of dangerous drugs, along with misdemeanor counts of harming a police dog and obstructing a police officer.

After the public defender asked Judge Holloway to release Takes Enemy on his own recognizance, Judge Holloway increased Takes Enemy’s bail from $75,000 to $100,000.

The other two suspects will face charges in Missoula after appearing in Lake County District Court.

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