KGVO News spoke to Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings about this week’s Missoula crime report.  

“We charged 11 new felony complaints this week. Of those 11, four were crimes of violence,” Jennings reported. That includes several partner-family member assaultsWe have three property crimes--there was one theft and two felony criminal mischiefs. [There were] three new felony drug offenses and one felony administrative crime, which was obstructing a peace officer.”  

Jennings says that his office is seeing domestic violence amidst the uncertainty and turmoil in Missoula during these weeks.  

“We continue to see domestic violence occur in these strange times and we always want to remind people to get help when you need it. Refrain from drugs and alcohol, especially if people are stuck inside. Try and be safe,” Jennings reminds Missoulians. “Law enforcement is still working through these strange times to hold people accountable.” 

Jennings says that his office is practicing social distancing while “keeping the wheels of justice turning” by working from home and facilitating court appearances by phone when possible.  

The case involving the “Mountain View Murders,” also referred to as the Preston Rossbach trial, ended this week with a guilty verdict for the first defendant after two weeks of hearings. Jennings told KGVO that there were several complicated counts that needed careful deliberation from jurors during the trial. The second defendant is set to appear in late April.  

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