Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 12 new criminal complaints this week, which is eight less than last week and less than the weekly average. According to County Attorney Matt Jennings, all cases this week were in custody. 

“They all got arrested during some sort of incident where law enforcement showed up,” Jennings said. “Of that 12, six of those were violent crimes. We track the violent crime offense rate and the overall numbers. So 50% is higher than our standing average. But we only charged six violent crimes. That is a little bit higher than normal, but nothing to be alarmed about.” 

In addition, there was one property crime, four drug crimes, and one administrative crime. Jennings said almost everyone who got arrested this week was highly intoxicated.  

“There were a couple of cases of note this week,” Jennings said. “One of which, which you don't see too often, was a chainsaw attack. We had an individual who allegedly was very intoxicated and grabbed a chainsaw to go after somebody. The chainsaw wasn't running. That would have been a little more sensational, but nonetheless, that was an interesting and alarming incident.” 


Jennings said they’ve had a lot more sophisticated and big financial crimes in recent years. He said they proudly wrapped up three of those in the past few months. 

“A woman named Leanne Brown was just convicted and sentenced about two weeks ago,” Jennings said. “She was a banker in Missoula who was a treasurer for a sorority house and she embezzled about $167,000, which resulted in it collapsing and going out of business. Those young women lost their place of residence and the support system they had behind that sorority. It's just so shocking because these young women were trusting this woman, putting her in a position where she was supposed to be a leader and a mentor, and she violated that trust. That's just something we take so seriously.” 

In another case, an individual was sentenced a few months ago for stealing $235,000 from Pyramid Lumber. 

“I just wanted to mention that because my heart has just been aching for all those workers up in Seeley Lake that might be on the verge of losing their jobs,” Jennings said. “I'm not trying to say that this was even a factor in the mill closing. But I was just thinking of all the challenges that that mill has faced, and that community has faced. This sure wasn't something that ever should have happened.” 

The Missoula County Attorney’s Office provides a weekly crime report every Friday morning at 9:00 on Talk Back. You can listen to Jennings’ full report below:

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