Right now, ballots are out for a Missoula County School District One trustee race. Major issues in the race are the need for a new superintendent and a large bond request that will go before the voters soon. Michael Smith, the incumbent, says his experience will be key in decision making about the bond issues.

"I've been on the board for five years and I've been quite involved in the process in the last couple of years building up to the development of the bond and identifying the need of the district," Smith said. "I think we need some continuity to ensure that this bond is implemented in a most fiscally and efficient manner as possible. I think my background as an engineer is going to be key in that decision."

Candidate John Fletcher said his background and experience on a variety of local boards will be helpful when it comes to selecting a new superintendent.

"I've got a lot of experience serving on local government boards in our community," Fletcher said. "I was on our library board when we had a library director resign and transfer to another library. We had to do a search, we had to get an interim director. Similarly, when I was on the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board, we had the same circumstance, so I've same situation before."

A third candidate, Grace Decker, is also in the race. KGVO news reached out to Decker, but had not yet received a response. This election will be done by mail-in ballot only and ballots need to be sent back by May 5.