Last week, Missoula Animal Control posted on their Facebook page a find that tugged at the heartstrings - a small kitten was found trapped in a big in front of Walmart in Missoula. Because of his injuries and heat exposure, the cat required round the clock medical care, and they realized he was going to need surgery on his eye.

In the post, they asked people to donate and assist with the cost of the surgery - and it looks like they must have gotten what they needed! In an update that was just posted yesterday, Missoula Animal Control announced that the kitten had his surgery, and was currently in medical foster care while he rests and recovers.

So that's great news! The story went somewhat viral and there's been a ton of support and concern for the cat in the comments of both posts (and even a couple of people already expressing interest in adopting him).

It sounds like the kitten has had it rough up until now, but hopefully now that it's recovering it'll be able to go to a loving, stable home that cares for it.

If you want more information about Missoula Animal Control, you can visit their website or check them out at their Facebook page, where they post several times a week about different dogs and cats that are up for adoption.

Have you been following the story about the kitten trapped in a bag?

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