47 year-old Xieng Vang has been released into Pre-Trial Supervision after allegedly throwing his wife to the floor of their home and placing a loaded pistol to her head.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Carrie Garber asked for a bond of $30,000 to protect the alleged victim.

“Judge, the state is requesting $30,000 bond,” said Garber. “The facts of this case are extremely grievous in that the defendant is alleged to have shoved his wife to the ground, covered her mouth with his left hand while putting a gun to her temple with his right hand. The gun was loaded. The couple's children came into the room and the defendant attempted to hide the gun behind his back.”

The gun discharged and the bullet lodged in the ceiling of the room. Garber said the victim detailed a long history of abuse.

“She has detailed for law enforcement and increasingly violent history for the past number of years, which includes being strangled, being thrown to the ground, being kicked being walked on,” she said. “A GPS monitor simply does not protect a victim of domestic violence as severe as this one from this individual.”

While the defendant’s family members spoke up for him and stated that he could be housed with a relative, Gerber still expressed her concerns for the victim’s safety.

“While there have not been arrests, that is not unusual, and it's certainly not unusual in certain instances of domestic violence homicides, which, but for the grace of God, this could have been and which we believe is a real and present danger, regardless of how cooperative the defendant states that he will be moving forward,” she said.”

Judge Alex Beal released Vang directly to the Pre-Trial Supervision program with no monetary bond, with the stipulation that he have absolutely no contact with the victim and be fitted with a GPS monitor to ensure his compliance.

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