On July 30, 2022, around 6:30 pm, Missoula Police Department officers were dispatched to the pedestrian bridge underneath the Madison Street bridge. An officer spoke with the young adult victim and his friend. The victim said he and his friend were recreating on the river and bridge when they were approached by an individual later identified as 18-year-old Andrew Kaiser. 

Without any provocation, Kaiser allegedly went up to the victim and shoulder-checked him hard. The victim turned around in confusion. Kaiser responded with escalating aggressive threats. The victim stated he talked back until Kaiser pulled out a knife and waved it at the victim, telling the victim “I’ll f*****g kill you.” 

Court documents indicate Kaiser then put the knife to his own throat and gestured to cut his throat while continuing to threaten to kill the victim. Kaiser eventually handed the knife off to one of his friends and a “scuffle” ensued between the victim, his friend, and Kaiser.  

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The victim and his friend then jumped off the bridge into the Clark Fork River and swam to the shore. Kaiser came down to the riverbank and continued threatening the victim and his friend by asking their names and stating that he would “have someone come kill you.” Kaiser’s friend was not located and the knife was not retrieved. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains. 

“Andrew Kaiser is under arrest on charges of assault with a weapon after threatening a victim with a knife, vocalizing to the victim he wanted to kill him, and getting into a physical disturbance,” Arnold said. “The incident took place on the Madison Footbridge. The victim had no relationship with Kaiser and multiple witnesses came forward to responding officers, corroborating the statements from the victim. The victim was not physically hurt during the incident. This case is still under investigation with the Missoula Police Department Detective Division.” 

A UMPD officer interviewed a group of witnesses who state they heard Kaiser tell the victim he was going to kill him and threaten him with a knife. They also stated that when the “scuffle” eventually ensued, Kaiser threw the first punch. 

An officer arrested Kaiser at the scene, without incident. Kaiser confirmed he no longer had the knife on him as he had given it to a friend. Kaiser also told the officer that he felt “people staring and people judging and I’m tired of it.” Kaiser stated that the victim had “puffed his chest up at me” and felt threatened so he pulled a knife out. Kaiser further explained that “I f*****g beat his a**, cause he f*****g came up on me, that’s what f*****g happened.” 

Kaiser is currently being charged with felony assault with a weapon and felony tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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