Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On January 8, 2023, at approximately 12:02 p.m., several Missoula Police Department officers were dispatched to the Poverello Center for a reported assault with a weapon. Dispatch relayed that a male suspect had struck a female victim with a hammer.  

When officers arrived, they made contact with the victim, Jane Doe. Doe had a gouge above her right that was approximately two inches wide. At that time, medical responded and transported her to a local hospital. An officer followed Doe to the hospital and obtained a statement. 

According to court documents, Doe said that she arrived at the Poverello Center and observed David Parker, her boyfriend, actively having sexual relations with an unknown female inside his truck.

Doe said she approached the truck and was holding a water bottle in her hand, but Parker ripped it away from her. Parker then grabbed a hammer and swung it one time at Doe’s face, striking her above her right eye. Doe said after Parker struck her with the hammer, she walked inside the Poverello Center to get help.

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Parker did not enter the building and Doe waited in a back office until officers and medical arrived. Doe complained of her vision being jeopardized and massive pain. Her wound continued to bleed and swell while being interviewed by the officer. 

While this was taking place, other officers were responding to the Poverello Center and observed Parker’s vehicle parked along the south side. An officer heard someone in the truck and ordered them to come out. After initially refusing to comply, Parker eventually exited the vehicle and was placed under arrest. 

An officer read Parker his Miranda warning and Parker advised that he wished to speak about the incident. Parker said he was in the bed of his truck with four or five other people when Doe opened the tailgate, started screaming, and tried to crawl in towards him. Parker stated that he grabbed a red-handed hammer and swung it.  

Parker stated that he was unsure if he actually struck her, but said it was possible that he had. Parker said after swinging the hammer that he did see blood coming from Doe’s head. 

Another officer reviewed surveillance footage of the incident. An officer was able to see Doe walk up to the back of Parker’s truck, and a short time later, she grabbed her head and ran into the Poverello Center. Thereafter, he observed Parker come running out of the truck waving a hammer.  

Parker is currently being charged with one count of felony assault with a weapon. On January 9, 2023, Parker made his initial appearance in Missoula Justice Court and his bail was set at $100,000.

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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