On Saturday, a Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a disturbance at the Motel 6 located in the 8000 block of Highway West. It was reported that 50-year-old Tarren Olson was in the parking lot threatening to kill a woman. A deputy responded to the location, but Olson had left by the time he arrived.

A woman exited a hotel room and spoke with the deputy. The woman said she and Olson have been in a relationship for the last five years and that Olson took her Skylight pay card without her permission. Olson then used the card information to withdraw $300 from the woman’s account without her permission. The woman showed the deputy the withdrawal on her account.

The woman also spoke about a domestic incident between her and Olson that happened earlier in the morning. She said she woke up in a bad mood and got into an argument with Olson. During that argument, she said Olson slapped her across the head. After getting Olson a drink at the gas station, she went back to bed.

She then woke up to Olson hitting the back door with a hatchet. The woman opened the door and Olson came inside. She said Olson “came at” her with the hatchet and pinned her to the bed. The woman put her hands up to defend herself and received a cut on her hand from the hatchet. Olson punched the woman in the head and told her not to leave. The deputy observed a small cut on the woman’s finger, a mark and bruising around her right eye.

Olson then left the residence. The woman ran outside and hopped in a vehicle with a couple of friends. Olson attempted to chase the vehicle down, but was unsuccessful.  Olson was later located, placed under arrest, and transported to the Missoula County Detention Facility.

According to court documents, Olson is currently being charged with assault with a weapon and theft.

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