We’re going to take a wild shot in the dark here and assume Ronald Hetzel of Las Vegas was not having a good day when police first appeared on the scene after getting reports of objects being thrown inside Hetzel’s house. He was sitting on the curb screaming with no shirt on. And then it got worse, especially for his neighbor.

Hetzel leaped up from the curb and sprinted to his neighbor’s house, where he broke it through a window. Then he promptly began attacking his neighbor, hitting him with whatever came to hand, including a guitar and a toilet lid.

Ultimately, Hetzel had to be taken down by a police dog after being chased by the police for twenty minutes. The neighbor had to be taken to a hospital for minor wounds.

It’s unclear what set Hetzel off. It’s also unclear why the neighbor had a loose toilet lid just sitting around his house, but presumably he’ll secure his bathroom materials in the future.