On Saturday, Missoula 911 received a report from Bonner Town Pump that a man reported having just been assaulted. Missoula Sheriff’s Deputies responded and located 45-year-old Christopher Meek on the sidewalk. Meek was bleeding from his nose and had two swollen, black eyes. Meek was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Meek reported that he had sex with Jane Doe and then sat in his chair after Doe passed out drunk. An hour or two later, he said Doe woke up, “freaked out”, and started punching him because she thought he raped her. Meek claimed he did not rape Doe.

Deputies spoke to Doe at her residence. She was visibly upset and crying. Doe disclosed that she had been drinking and passed out on the futon where she sleeps. Doe disclosed waking up to Meek on top of her having sex with her.

Meek had his right forearm across Doe’s throat, holding her down. Doe started punching Meek trying to get him off of her, but Meek wouldn’t let her go. Doe grabbed Meek’s cell phone to call 911, but Meek grabbed it out of her hand and threw it into the kitchen.

After further investigation, Meek was arrested for sexual intercourse without consent. He appeared in Missoula Justice Court Monday afternoon and Deputy County Attorney Carrie Garber provided the following statement.

“The alleged victim in this case had recently undergone surgery, has an air cast on her foot, and is only able to ambulate with crutches,” Garber said. “She had been with the defendant driving around and drinking. She went to sleep and woke up with him having sex with her without her permission. This did lead to her having a reaction, which caused the injuries the defendant sustained.”

Doe disclosed that she made it clear to Meek three months ago that they were just friends and he agreed.

“Although they were out drinking and driving together, they have not been in an ongoing relationship for about three months since the date they had broken up,” Garber said. “At the time, she was attempting to locate her own place to live, but was not successful in doing that. Your honor, it should be noted the defendant checked himself out of the hospital and returned to the address where this occurred before law enforcement made contact with him.”

Meek was charged with one count of sexual intercourse without consent and his bail was set at $50,000.

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