The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed seven new criminal complaints this week, which is well below average. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, four of those cases involved some form of violence.

“We charged one man with sexual intercourse without consent,” Pabst said. “We charged a partner family member assault second offense and an unlawful restraint. There was another case that involved two counts of assault with a weapon. We charged the man with two counts for allegedly threatening victims with a firearm in a parking lot. Another individual was charged with robbery for allegedly trying to steal two bottles of wine from one of our local grocery stores.”

The manager tried to stop the defendant, but the defendant grabbed the manager by the throat and caused injury to him.

“Another individual was charged with deceptive practices for taking a credit card belonging to a friend and then using that credit card to rack up $2,000 worth of purchases and ATM withdrawals,” Pabst said. “We charged two individuals with possession of dangerous drugs that involved methamphetamine and heroin. They were also allegedly involved in a gold theft out of the state of California.”

As of Friday morning, Pabst said her office was reviewing an additional case that involved partner or family member assault.

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