Local businessman Jim O’Day proudly watched on television as his cousin, Dan O’Day recently met with President Trump regarding his company’s promising new drug remdesivir, which could play a major role in the fight against the COVID 19 virus.

“One of my cousins who lives in the San Francisco area is the CEO of Gilead Sciences,” said O’Day. “Gilead has this new drug out. It’s a drug they’ve been working on for years in a number of different applications that they are using it for, and it got emergency FDA approval on Friday to fight COVID 19.”

O’Day said remdesivir has been around for some time before becoming associated with COVID 19.

“Remdesivir has gotten a lot of publicity lately,” he said. “It has been used for other trials before for such things as some of the other viruses that are out there, as well as HIV and some of those other things, and it has been doing very well working in other trials thus far.”

O’Day said he was thrilled to see his cousin meeting with the President and the Coronavirus Task Force.

“He was with the President the other day when they signed the FDA approval on this emergency application in order to do that,” he said. “It was kind of neat to see him up there with the President and Vice President and the people with the task force. It’s going to be quite a while from what I hear until we have a true vaccine that we all know will work.”

O’Day said he has kept in close contact with his cousins whose father was raised in Cutbank, Montana.

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