Former Congressman, Interior Secretary and current Congressional candidate Ryan Zinke spoke on Wednesday at a luncheon meeting at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida resort.

Prior to his speech, Zinke called into the KGVO Newsmaker’s Line to comment on the event.

“There will be a candidate’s forum for endorsed candidates,” began Zinke. “Pamela Bondi is running, the President’s here and the featured candidates will come in. I'm speaking at lunch. Energy is going to be the top of the list because energy drives our inflation. When we were in office gas was about two bucks a gallon and look what's happening now. And of course energy affects everything from groceries to inflation.”

Zinke pointed out some other featured speakers at the Republican event in Florida.

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“It should be a good day,” he said. “Ted Cruz is here, Herschel Walker is here so it should be an exciting day. The objective is pretty clear that we take back Congress and restore ‘Make America Great Again’.”

Zinke was asked again about recent mainstream media reports that he violated his ethics pledge while Secretary of the Interior under President Trump.

“It took three years and 34 pages, and they have a report that was rejected by the Department of Justice,” he said. “It was about a free children’s and family sledding park in which I was the only donor. So if that's the worst shot they have, you know, come on. By the way, this is this is exactly what we all face. There's no difference between the Democratic Party, the deep state, the swamp and the media.”

Zinke also railed about how the mainstream media has ignored the Durham report about the Hillary Clinton alleged campaign spying on President Trump at his home and in the White House Executive Office.

“It was a Clinton campaign operation that was inserted at the highest levels of government to mislead the FISA court to bring national collection assets to bear to target and attack the president, unmasking his personal conversations and the Trump campaign conversations,” he said. “Who was behind the unmasking? Susan Rice. Yes, the same people that are running the White House today are the same people that that did the damage and lost our credibility as well. It makes Watergate look like a picnic.”

Zinke is seeking the Republican nomination for the new western Montana Congressional District.

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