The Montana Medical Association is launching a statewide effort to teach public about opioid use. Executive Vice President Jean Branscum said after over a year of research, a physician and health care provider work group has come up with an initiative to help tackle narcotic pain medication abuse in Montana.

"We're calling it the 'Know Your Dose' initiative. That initiative is creating a one-stop shop for health care providers to find the latest information in regards to best practices in treating individuals with chronic pain," Branscum said. "Many of those patients need and are suffering from pain, need assistance, and in the past, there's been a reliance on opioid medicine to provide that relief."

Branscum said MMA’s medical knowledge is constantly evolving. The ultimate goal of the new initiative. Branscum said, is to ensure Montana medical providers are on the cutting edge of knowledge and resources when it comes to prescribing practices.

"I think a critical component of really addressing this is educating the general public about proper disposal of opiates. That's going to be provided through this website," Branscum said. "And also just to talk to patients about the dangers and the shortcomings of these types of medicines and treating the condition that they're seeking treatment for. We want to have the patient be well educated and be a part of those healthcare decisions."

Attorney General Tim Fox will be in Billings on Wednesday, July 29 and in Missoula on Thursday, July 30 to discuss the new measures.