If you thought higher prices were only a modern-day problem, now we're starting to see inflation also impact our appreciation of Montana's history.

And as the popularity of our historic attractions increases, so does the price of maintaining those locations.

A case in point is Garnet Ghost Town, where the Bureau of Land Management is proceeding with the plan to raise admission fees, and the prices for staying in the old cabins, a proposal we told you about earlier this year.

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Popularity driving prices

Like many locations, Garnet is feeling the popularity pinch driven by social media, and people's penchant for travel after the pandemic.

The Bureau of Land Management says as many as 30,000 people are visiting Garnet each summer. That's a massive increase from just a few short years ago when the site was mainly known by local residents taking their out-of-town visitors there for a day trip.

And that means the first fee increases at the site in 20 years to handle those impacts.

This fee increase allows us to invest this revenue directly back into the Ghost Town through building stabilization, interpretation, staffing and trail improvements."  -Erin Carey, BLM Missoula Field Manager.

New fees start next week

On May 20th, admission to Garnet will be $10 for those 16 and older. The old fee was just $3. The cost of renting an overnight cabin in the winter will climb to $50 per night. 

Carey said the increased visitor fee will also help offset costs from fuel treatments near Garnet, which has been a big concern with recent fires burning close to the historic settlement. Other dollars will improve the parking lots and the rental cabin program.

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