After protests by high school football parents and comments to the Board of Health last week, the Missoula City County Health Department has issued new orders for high school athletic events.

As of Thursday, the guidance now states that ‘the number of spectators is limited to 500, or a smaller number if the facility cannot accommodate 500 spectators and comply with these and other Appendix A requirements. The 500 spectator limit also applies to cross-town events.’

The order still requires that all spectators five years of age and older must wear a cloth face covering, and that all players and cheer squad members must wear a cloth face covering except when on the field of play, during active competition or performing cheer activities.

In addition, tickets or some form of controlling total admittance shall be used.

The host /home school or district shall determine to whom the tickets will be allocated. Including whether or how many away team spectators can be allowed to attend.

Home and away school or cross-town spectators shall be separated by section or some other means of physical separation to prevent intermingling during the event.

Friday night is Homecoming for the Hellgate Knights at Missoula County High School Stadium.

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