Many typical household chemicals can become extremely dangerous when mixed. During the month of June, multiple Allied Waste employees have been exposed to dangerous chemical mixtures while on local garbage routes. .

"Last week we had two incidents within a day of each other involving household hazardous waste making it into residential trashcans, said Missoula City-County Heath Department Environmental Health Specialist Travis Ross. "One particular incident involved a reaction of several of those chemicals with each other, sickening several workers, and sending them to the hospital."

Another incident involved a fuming trashcan containing liquid fertilizer and Clorox bleach. Ross says its important to learn the proper way to dispose of all questionable chemicals.

"A lot of that information is available on our website for the Missoula City-County Health Department. You can look at common household items and how to dispose of them. Of course we are always available to answer questions for proper disposal. Call us at (406) 258-4890 or you can call Allied Waste as well."

The dangers caused by chemical mixtures are not always easy to predict, as they usually not found on the packaging of household cleaners.