Just before 6:00 Sunday night, Missoula police received a call from St. Patrick’s Hospital for what was initially thought to be the sound of a gunshot. When the officers arrived, they made contact with the complainant. He said he heard a loud bang and saw a male standing alone in the nearby courtyard. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The employee described the male to the officers and they were able to view surveillance video,” Welsh said. “The officer recognized the man immediately as 43-year-old Jerad Patterson who we have had previous contact with and who has been arrested in the past for breaking windows. The officer also was able to observe that the window directly adjacent to the courtyard was in fact broken, but only the outer pane.”

The officer found more evidence and determined that no shots were fired.

“The officer also noticed a large rock sitting below the window and determined that the male in question appeared to have thrown a rock at the window,” Welsh said. “As he was speaking to other officers and the complainant outside of the hospital, Patterson actually walked by on the sidewalk and he was immediately taken into custody by officers on the scene.”

Patterson was transported to the Missoula County Jail and he is currently being held for criminal mischief, obstructing a peace officer, and disorderly conduct.

According to Welsh, police are currently looking to see if Patterson is related to other similar crimes that occurred around the same time and in the same area.

On June 5, 2019, Patterson was arrested for breaking windows at the Missoula County Courthouse and Missoula City Hall.

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