Questions were raised this week about Montana Green Party Senate Candidate Tim Adams, and whether or not he was actually just a republican running to split votes away from Democrat Jon Tester. Green Party State Coordinator Danielle Breck says she spoke with Adams on Tuesday.

"People change their ideals, they change their affiliations and they should be allowed to do so, that's part of democracy," Breck said. "I spoke to him yesterday and everything we talked about aligns with the Green Party's ideals, even if he was on the republican payroll, I don't feel like he is the hard-notched republican that democrats are wanting to make him out to be."

According to Breck, the Democrats own voter information software shows that Adams isn’t as red-ribbed as some might expect.

"The democrat's own V.A.N., the Voter Access Network that they use to determine who is going to lean democrat and whose door they should knock-on has him listed as 77 percent leaning democrat," Breck said. "I don't see where the Democratic Party has any stance to say that he's not Green, when, before Monday there was nobody who was officially 'green' in Montana because the Green Party didn't exist in Montana."

Green or not, Breck says candidates will not be endorsed by the party until after the party convention, expected sometime in late May. According to Breck, who used to be a Democrat herself, all candidates from all backgrounds will be vetted at the convention in light of the Green Party platform.

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