The Markus Kaarma trial continued Thursday afternoon as the state presented its case in Missoula County District Court.

Tanya Colby
Photo courtesy of Peter Christian

KGVO's Peter Christian reported from the Missoula County Courthouse:

"Three hairstylists from Great Clips in Missoula have testified that they all overheard or witnessed Marcus Kaarma make vulgar threats toward a kid or kids who had broken into his garage," Christian said. "He said specifically: 'I have been up for three nights and I'm going to kill some f***ing kids.' Defense Attorney Paul Ryan questioned the three stylists and asked if any of them had contacted police after these threats and none said they had. None of them took him seriously until they saw the news reports. One of the stylists, Tanya Colby, testified [that Kaarma had said] 'You will see this on the news.'"

Christian reported that Janelle Pflager, who shares a home with Kaarma also took the stand.

Pflager described items in the garage, specifically a shelf with various items and also gave the layout of the garage.

Christian continued to report that Pflager recalled garage burglaries that occurred in mid-April. She realized the car had been ransacked and called police. Pflager said she then visited neighbors to check on them.

Pflager said she and Kaarma were rather lax about locking their cars in the garage, however she does not recall if both garage doors were shut before the earlier burglaries took place.

Pflager told state attorney Jennifer Clark that "her imagination took over after the burglaries" and began to be afraid for her family and started locking doors in her house.

Later on, Pflager bought motion detectors to let her and Kaarma know when someone was on their property. Pflager said she planned to confront the burglars, however deer constantly set the detectors off.

Pflager said she also bought a baseball bat "just in case the burglars would come back" and took it outside with her while she smoked.

Black Purse
Photo courtesy of Peter Christian

Pflager showed a black purse she put in the garage with "junk" inside that Christian said she used as "bait" in case the burglars were to come back.

Pflager also said Kaarma brought out a shotgun several days after the burglary and left it on the kitchen counter. "Sometimes it was loaded," she said, "and I was afraid it would get knocked over and go off."

The trial is expected to last 12 days.

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