Kaarma Trial

Markus Kaarma Sentenced to 70 Years
Following a hearing in which Judge McLean denied the defense team's request for a retrial (as well as a change in the charge), Markus Kaarma was sentenced to 70 years with no option for parole until 20 years have been served.
Markus Kaarma’s Motion for a Retrial Denied
Sentencing in the Markus Kaarma trial began with a hearing in which Judge Ed McLean heard arguments from the defense team that Kaarma's trial was inherently biased against him. Defense also argued that the charge against Markus Kaarma be lessened from Deliberate Homicide to Mitigated Homicide...
UPDATE – Closing Arguments in the Markus Kaarma Trial [YouTube]
Closing arguments began on the eighth day of the Markus Kaarma trial in Missoula. Prosecution focused on proving that Kaarma had intent to kill any potential burglars in his house based on his actions in the days leading up to the fatal shooting of Diren Dede. Defense emphasized that jurors must have absolutely no doubt in order to find Kaarma guilty.
Defense Rests in Markus Kaarma Case [YouTube]
The defense rested this morning in the trial of Markus Kaarma with testimony from Dr. Douglas Johnson, a forensic consultant specializing in responses to stress. Defense also showed the jury video of Kaarma in the police station before his formal interview and after he was formally charged with deliberate homicide in the shooting death of German exchange student Diren Dede.
Defense Accuses Missoula Police of Failures in Markus Kaarma Investigation
The defense presented its first witness on the sixth day of the trial of Markus Kaarma, who has been accused of deliberate homicide in the fatal shooting of Diren Dede, a German foreign exchange student who entered Kaarma's garage on the night of April 27, 2014. He was there to testify to failures on the part of the Missoula Police Department in their investigation of the shooting, but ended up de

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