On Friday, officers from the Missoula Police Department responded to a report of a robbery that had just occurred. Officers spoke to the victim near the First Security Bank on Dearborn Avenue. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“The victim told 911 they had been held at gunpoint and the suspect, 26-year-old Kennett Standingrock, had stolen their wallet, phone, and vehicle,” Arnold said. “Several officers met with the victim while other officers canvased the city looking for Standingrock and the stolen vehicle. The truck was equipped with electronic safety tracking technology and based on the severity of the incident, OnStar was able to provide the officers with the location of the truck, direction of travel of the truck, and the rate of speed the truck was going.”

When officers located the truck, Standingrock and an additional male were inside.

“The second male was compliant with officer’s commands, but Standingrock ignored direct commands from officers and tried to walk away,” Arnold said. “Based on the severity of the crime and the concern for others, officers pursued Standingrock on foot and used the physical force necessary to effect arrest and take Standingrock into custody. The victim and owner of the vehicle gave officers consent to search the vehicle. During the search, officers found evidence that was consistent with the crime that was reported.”

Court documents indicate law enforcement recovered a firearm that generally matched the description provided by the victim. The victim said he owed Stangingrock $2,500 and that Standingrock wanted to know when he was going to get paid. The victim said he was at a residence on South 14th Street when Standingrock showed up. Standingrock shoved his skateboard under the door handle, so the victim could not leave. Standingrock then repeatedly hit and “intimidated” the victim.

At one point, Standingrock told the victim he was coming with him. They got into the vehicle and Standingrock kept saying “What am I going to do with you?” and “When are you going to pay me?” as they drove around.

The victim said Standingrock made him write a note saying he agreed to rent Standingrock his truck for $400 a week, so the victim could not later claim his truck was stolen.

The victim said Standingrock then racked a round into the chamber of a firearm and put barrel of the gun in the victim’s mouth. Standingrock then stated something like, “So you’re not going to say anything (to the cops)?” The victim agreed not to say anything and Standingrock said he was going to drop the victim off. Before dropping the victim off, Standingrock took the victim’s cell phone. Standingrock also told the victim he was taking the truck as a “tax” on the money the victim owed him.

Standingrock was charged with robbery, kidnapping, and intimidation.

Back in June, Standingrock was charged with assault with a weapon after he allegedly shot his ex-girlfriend with a BB gun and held a revolver to her head.

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