The national political website 'Emily's List' recently released an online article entitled 'Will Ryan Zinke Play The Woman's Card In Montana?'

KGVO News spoke with Emily's List Press Secretary Rachel Thomas , to define the meaning behind the article's headline.

"Ryan Zinke has not stood up for women and families in Congress," Thomas said. "He has supported extreme efforts in Congress to roll back women’s access to health care, he has opposed raising the minimum wage, and he’s even voted against allowing legislation like the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help women get equal pay with men for equal work. He really doesn’t have policies that help women and families to fall back on, so we pose the question, is he going to start attacking his opponent based on character and not on policy?”

Thomas laid out the reason's for Emily's LIst's support for current Superintendent of Public Instruction,Democrat Denise Juneau for Congress.

"Denise has been fighting for women and families her entire career," she said. "She has been fighting to make sure children have access to education at all levels. She supports policies like equal pay for equal work, access to health care for women and families, and these are issues that matter to people across this country."

Thomas said the Republican incumbent Zinke has been actively working to put up barriers for woman and families who are trying to get ahead.

In response, KGVO News reached out to Congressman Zinke over the concerns that Emily's List has put forward.

photo by Jon KIng
Ryan Zinke

"You know, I do a lot for America," Zinke said. "I don't really look at women or men as issues, because its about America.My daughter's a Navy diver, and I have had many women in my command and I do what is in the best interest of Montana," Zinke replied. "I base my decisions on whether an issue is constitutional and if it's in the best interests of all Montanans. I've never really looked at life through a particular lens, but I want to make sure that all people can achieve the American dream. I want to make sure we protect our borders and that everyone has a chance at economic prosperity."

Zinke said he's happy to get a report card from Montanans every two years.

"I'm sure they're going to paint all Republicans as being anti-everything, but America and Montanans are smarter than that," he said.

Juneau has been Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction for two terms, and is now challenging Zinke, who is now running for his second two-year term. On Friday, Juneau received the Montana State University-Billings Lifetime Achievement Award.

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