On Sunday, July 24, the Deer Creek fire flared up about 10 miles south of Tarkio on the Lolo National Forest. Forest Service spokesman Boyd Hartwig says the fire crews are now in the midst of mopping up.

"It went up to 16 acres and stayed pretty well confined to that perimeter. It's a really spotty fire. We put some single engine air tankers on it pretty quickly Sunday and we had about eight engines. We've been able to stop fire growth and that fire hasn't grown at all for the past two days."

The lack of growth on the Deer Creek Fire is due to a number of factors.

"It's in a creek bottom with good road access, so firefighters were able to get on it quickly through the road system," Hartwig said. We were able to get air tankers on it quickly too. We don't have a cause yet. It didn't look like a lightning strike, so, the area that it is in kind of leads to the possibility that it was a human caused fire."

Hartwig says that the fire may be fully extinguished sometime in the next two days.