On Wednesday night, February 11, Ravalli County Sheriff's deputies responded to a home in Stevensville for a charge of sexual assault. 

After further investigation, it was determined that a 17 year-old female, the mother of an eight month-old child, had been forcibly injected with methamphetamine and the  repeatedly raped over the course of several days at her residence.

"On February 12th, Ravalli County deputies arrested 32 year-old Byron Craig Hall without incident at his Corvallis apartment," Hoffman said. "He is facing multiple felony charges including aggravated kidnapping, three counts of sexual intercourse without consent, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of child criminal endangerment, and one count criminal distribution of dangerous drugs along with one count of possession of dangerous drugs."

Hoffman said Hall appeared in Ravalli County Justice Court on Friday.

"Bond was set at $750,000, however, he is being held without bond on a parole violation which stems from a 202 conviction in Flathead County for operation of a clandestine drug lab."

According to court documents, that while the victim was being held captive, Hall allegedly informed her that he had tested positive for hepatitis C. The victim consented to a search of her residence, and deputies found three used syringes, one metal spoon, and a small baggie with a white residue. The residue in the bag was field tested and was positive for the presence of methamphetamine.