Medicare may lose some funding, which could potentially make health insurance for seniors more expensive. Social Security is also at risk of facing cuts. Senator Jon Tester says he is concerned about the cuts that could affect Montana seniors and  is committed to making  responsible decisions across the board .

Senator Jon Tester  reached out to nearly 7,000 Montanans, yesterday,  to hear their input and to discuss the importance of protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits as Congress works on plans to cut spending and cut the deficit.

Tester, a strong and consistent supporter of strengthening Social Security and Medicare, took numerous questions from Montanans across the state during a live “teletown hall” meeting hosted by AARP, the nation’s largest advocacy organization for senior citizens.

Tester specifically addressed his role in strengthening Medicare and Social Security, and the need to continue protecting benefits as the bipartisan Joint Select Committee crafts a proposal to cut $1.2 trillion in spending.