Comments from around the country have been pouring in after TC Energy, the Canadian company behind the Keystone XL Pipeline, pulled the plug on the entire project, months after President Biden cancelled U.S. involvement on his first day in office.

Senator Daines released the following statement:

“This is devastating news for our economy, jobs, environment and national security—and it’s entirely President Biden’s fault. It’s beyond clear that President Biden is beholden to extreme environmentalists, and Montanans and the American people are bearing the burden. While President Biden killed the American Keystone XL pipeline, he continues to support the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Biden would rather support Russian workers and jobs than Americans. Montanans and the American people are disappointed,” Sen. Daines said.

Senator Jon Tester released this statement:

“I am bitterly disappointed to learn that construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline will no longer be moving forward. I supported this project for years because of the good-paying jobs and tax revenue it would have created for the folks who live and work in Montana. It’s frustrating that national politics killed a project that would have yielded big benefits for our state, but I am going to keep fighting to create jobs in rural Montana, ensure our energy independence, and get our state’s economy firing on all cylinders,” Sen. Tester said.

Montana’s U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale wrote:

"President Biden owes Montanans an explanation as to why he decided to pull the Keystone XL Pipeline permit," Rosendale said in a statement. "This killed a project that was going to be critical to Montana. The administration has reversed over a decade of planning for our local governments, cut funding for our school systems, and sacrificed the communities that were dependent on revenue from this project to get through the pandemic. We are already seeing the price of Biden's war on energy independence, and I fear its impact will only get worse."

 All this means is that oil is no longer going to be refined in North America for American and Canadian customers. That oil is going to be sold now to our number one enemy in this world which is China.”

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen also expressed his anger over TC Energy’s action to end the pipeline project.

“This project was going to be a huge shot in the arm for those communities in eastern Montana, for those counties, for those police departments, fire departments, schools, roads, go down the list,” said Knudsen. “You know, we're pushing $60 million of lost annual property tax revenue, not to even start talking about the jobs, income taxes paid, and the ancillary jobs and industries to service the pipeline. All gone.”

Knudsen initiated a federal lawsuit against the Biden administration over its original action, and he said that lawsuit, with over 20 states participating is not over yet.

“Actually, I don't believe our lawsuit is completely moot,” he said. “I think there are still some real serious constitutional questions that need to be answered here. Obviously, our request for emergency injunction is no longer necessary. I mean, the company has folded up the tent and so they're not going to continue on. So that I guess that horse has left the barn.”

Knudsen said President Biden’s action not only harmed America, but will now enrich the country he calls our biggest enemy, China.

“Here's what concerns me even more from an international standpoint,” he said. “If people are under the impression that that Canadian tar sands oil is going to suddenly stop being produced, you got another thing coming. All this means is that oil is no longer going to be refined in North America for American and Canadian customers. That oil is going to be sold now to our number one enemy in this world which is China.”

Knudsen said President Biden does not see China as the enemy as many in this country do.

“I don't care how the Biden administration wants to wants to spin this; China is not good for America,” he said. “They do not want to see America succeed, and they are our number one rival. They flat admit it openly. That oil is now going to go to China. That's a fact. So, we've stopped nothing on the fossil fuel development front here. This was just simply Joe Biden pandering to his base and ultimately, they broke a company here.”

Knudsen is a regular caller to the KGVO Talk Back Program, and he enjoys taking calls from listeners.


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