The City of Missoula reminds residents that shooting off fireworks is illegal within the city limits, and that fines can run the hundreds of dollars for violators.

Communication Director for the city, Ginny Merriam said the statute prohibiting fireworks was passed several years ago.

"Fire works are illegal for a variety of reasons," Merriam said. "They include disturbing other people's peace, to property damage, the possibility of starting fires in neighborhoods and also in forest lands. As we can see with the wildfire in Hamilton, conditions are very dry right now, and all this can sneak up on us as the Fourth of July approaches."

Merriam said there are some novelty items sold at fireworks stands that are allowed within the city limits.

"You can find the information on our city website with a link from the homepage," she said.

"Sparklers are OK, snakes and glow worms, toy smoke devices that put out more smoke than fire, snappers and party poppers, which are all pictured on our website."

Merriam said there can be repercussions for those who choose to light off fireworks within the city limits.

"Both police officers and firefighters can write tickets for illegally setting off fireworks within the city limits," she continued. "The fine for the first offense is $100, and for every subsequent offense within the calendar years is $300, plus court costs. The city has a report line that is staffed by a 9-1-1 operator who makes the call for police or fire to respond. The number is 258-4850."

Merriam also said the city police department will be cooperating with the sheriff's office and the Montana Highway Patrol with the 'Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over' campaign to stop drunk and distracted driving over the Fourth of July holiday.