The court documents read ‘the defendant said he wanted what he wanted no matter the consequences’.

46 year-old Shannon Kilgore is in the Missoula County Jail on $100,000 bond, after allegedly strangling a woman several times until she was unconscious and then brutally sexually assaulting her. Deputy Missoula County attorney Lacey Lincoln told substitute Justice of the Peace Ryan Phelan what allegedly happened in late august.

“The defendant is accused of strangling the victim in this case, not just one time, but up to four times,” said. Lincoln. “He forced himself on her and did not listen to her when she was crying out ‘no’ and ‘stop’. While the victim attempted to fight back and say ‘no’, Kilgore simply laughed at her.

Lincoln said the attitude of the defendant was revealed in a phone call from the jail.

“In a phone call that was recorded after a search warrant had been issued, the defendant stated that ‘he did what he did because he wanted what he wanted, no matter what the consequences,” she said. “The victim has stated that the defendant has made previous statements about killing her, as well as statements about potential murder suicide. There is a great level of fear here on the part of the victim, and given that, we believe that a high bail is appropriate.”

The charges carry a possible sentence of up to 100 years or life in prison upon conviction. Judge Phelan set bail for Kilgore at $100,000 and remanded him back to the jail.

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