There are a ton of guys out there who claim to have no shame in their game, but Wisconsin resident Bill Wisth takes the cake… or should we say all-you-can-eat fish fry. The 6’6,” 350 lbs. mountain of a man claims he had 12 pieces of fried fish before a supposedly “all you can eat” seafood restaurant — ‘Chuck’s Place’ — tried to persuade him to leave with an additional eight pieces to go.

Mr. Wisth was so upset by the restaurant’s “false advertising” that he’s dedicated most of his time to picketing outside the eatery, which claims they literally ran out of fish on the busy Friday night he was served.

According to Chuck’s, the now-banned fried fish lover has been a thorn in their side, accumulating a tab he hasn’t paid off yet. A tab? For food? This guy’s like Norm from ‘Cheers.’ This could be the most classic case of biting the hands that feeds you we’ve ever seen.

We have a feeling the folks at Long John Silver’s and Red Lobster are rubbing their flippers and/or claws together at the opportunity to satisfy Mr. Wisth’s voracious appetite.

Of course, Mr. Wisth reminds us of another hungry man who was turned away from an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

Homer at seafood buffet

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