Montana’s lone Congressman Matt Rosendale has introduced a bill that will prohibit the United States from intervening in Ukraine before securing its own southern border.

KGVO News spoke to Representative Rosendale on Tuesday to talk about his bill.

“Basically, it would make sure that our southern border is secure, that we have operational control of the southern border, and that we complete the border wall system and have that in place before we would ever send any funds overseas to expend them in the Ukraine to help them do the exact same thing,” began Representative Rosendale.

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Rosendale said the last 30 days have seen tensions rising at the Ukrainian border while our own southern border has seen hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flood through.

“We've had all these discussions as you very well know, as of the last 30 days about the jeopardy that the Ukraine is in, in having an invasion by Russia and at the exact same time we are having conversations about the invasion that has taken place on the southern border,” he said. “We've got two million people that have streamed across our border in the last year. The Democrats seem to want to ignore that, while they're very willing to send resources and troops overseas thousands of miles away to put them in jeopardy while we're not taking the time to secure our own border.”

Rosendale said all the necessary ingredients are already at the southern border to make it secure.

“The materials are there, the contractors were hired,” he said. “There was a plan in place to secure our southern border through this border wall system, and this administration has completely pulled the plug on that, like he has with many of the good things that that were put in plan over the last prior four years.”

Rosendale said the Secure America’s Borders First Act is cosponsored by representatives from Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia and Virginia.

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