Ballot problems discovered during the 2013 Missoula Municipal Elections, are, apparently, something that happens every ten years in Missoula County.

"We have had a few people who have received city ballots when they should not have," said Missoula County Clerk and Recorder Vickie Zeier. "They are specifically in the River Road area and one street in the Rattlesnake area. There's a total of about 88 ballots or so."

Zeier said 25 ballots were issued in error, 15 individuals didn't receive ballots that should have, and that another 48 people that should have received ballots for the Missoula Urban Transportation District did not.

Zeier said that the problem arose because of a clerical error following the recent redistricting process. There were approximately 4,800 addresses in Missoula County that had to be changed and the "split codes" that distinguish what types of issues an individual residence is supposed to be able to vote on where accidentally filed incorrectly.

"Ten years ago the exact same thing happened. Unfortunately it's always a city election that follows redistricting. If I remember correctly, ten years ago it was out in the Flynn lane Area that we had some issues. It's truly, data entry errors."

Zeier says that those who suspect there is a problem with their ballot should contact the clerk and recorder's office.