Superintendent Alex Apostle said this week, that the three committees tasked with coming up with ideas and suggestions on how to enhance school safety in Missoula schools are making excellent progress after two meetings.

"We're very fortunate that the community has come forward with tremendous expertise and interest in each of the three committees," Apostle said. "This is not going to be a short-term endeavor, this is something that I see as on-going, because enthusiasm on each committee is high."

Apostle is tying the efforts by the three committees to the success of the upcoming technology mill levy elections on May 7.

"All this will really blend nicely with our proposed 21st century bond issue, which will deal with the safety of our schools, the technology infrastructure, taking a look at our schools making sure they support a 21st century instructional program," Apostle added.

The next meetings are May 28 for public safety, May 29 for the facilities committee and June 3 for the group dealing with mental health.

"I have a meeting scheduled shortly to go over the agenda. and kind of recap where we've been," Apostle said. "At the next meeting, maybe we can come up with some recommendations that we can forward on."

The three committees won't remain separated forever.

"There's no question that eventually these committees will have to be integrated," Apostle said. " "But, right now, we have to solidify where we are in terms of mental health, public safety and facilities, and then eventually, coming together."

Superintendent Alex Apostle

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