22 year-old Nathaniel O'Brien was captured by authorities in Cascade over the weekend and returned to Missoula on a $50,000 warrant to face felony aggravated assault charges.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mark Handelman asked Judge Landee Holloway to continue O'Brien's bail at $50,000.

"The defendant brought a para cord into the room, told her to be quiet after she started screaming, then grabbed her by the neck to strangle her," Handelman said. "He admitted that his purpose was to have sex with her. He later fled Missoula County to Cascade and a warrant was issued for his arrest."

Handelman said O'Brien has no apparent criminal history, but may be suffering from some mental health issues.

"He is clearly a high flight risk and a danger to himself and others. Therefore, we request the bond to remain at $50,000," he said. We request no contact with the alleged victim and that he be fitted with a GPS monitor to ensure the victim's protection."

O'Brien made his court appearance via video from the county jail wearing a special vest to keep him from harming himself.

After considering the mental health issue, Judge Holloway set bail at $25,000 and allowed O'Brien to return to his home in Cascade under his parents' care. His next court appearance will be June 26th.

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