27 year-old Jonathan Whitworth, who is currently in the Missoula County Jail charged with two meth-related murders, was charged in Justice Court on Wednesday for punching another inmate.

At his court appearance via video from the jail, Justice of the Peace Alex Beal detailed the charges to Whitworth.

“This complaint alleges that on the 12th of February, 2020 that you committed the offense of assault,” said Beal. “It alleges that you purposely or knowingly caused bodily injury to another person at the detention center by punching that person.”

Deputy County Attorney Carrie Garber did not ask for any more bail for Whitworth on this offense.

“In this particular case, I believe he’s already being held ion other matters,” said Garber. “We have no objection to an OR release. We ask, and I’m assuming that the jail has instituted separation between him and the alleged victim, but we would otherwise ask that the defendant not discuss the facts of the case with any other potential witnesses.”

Judge Beal returned Whitworth to his cell where he is being held ob $250,000 bail for the meth-related murders of Megan McLaughlin and Jason Flink who were shot and stabbed to death at the Mountain Valley Inn Motel on October 18, 2018. Another man, Kaleb Williams, was also shot and stabbed, but survived.

Whitworth’s accomplice Preston Rossbach was convicted on March 17 of felony murder, assault with a weapon, intimidation and tampering with witnesses and informants.

Whitworth's trial is currently scheduled for September 28, according to Deputy County Attorney Jordan Kilby, who prosecuted and helped convict Rossbach for the crimes.

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