It seems like every year is different as far as how long our pumpkins will last. Last year I swear it was only a few days before our pumpkins were already decaying and turning to mush. This year our pumpkins are doing much better but it was because I got some tips from that really helped. Before I clicked on the link with that website address I thought it was going to be spam, but these tips really helped.


  • 1

    Clean Your Pumpkin With Bleach

    I had never heard of this before but after you get all the seeds out of your pumpkin wipe it down with a bleach and water mixture to delay any rotting to the pumpkin.
  • 2

    Fully Dry Your Pumpkin

    Before leaving your pumpkin outside to brave the elements, make sure your pumpkin is fully dry to avoid any mold.
  • 3

    Soak in Cold Water

    If your pumpkin starts decaying, put it in a cold bath for an hour or two and that often brings the pumpkin back to life.
  • 4

    Don't Carve Your Pumpkin

    When you carve your pumpkin your pumpkin is going to decay at a quicker rate. If you don't carve and still decorate the outside, your pumpkin will last the longest.