If you have kids around the house there's a good chance that you won't have much in the way of extra Halloween candy. But there's always that pile of weird stuff that even kids won't eat. And maybe you even ended up with some extra treats you didn't pass out on Halloween night that nobody is going to devour. Well, here's the perfect way to get rid of that extra candy! You can provide a pick-me-up for members of the military and it'll be pretty fun for your kids to learn about sharing while they collect a couple of bucks for their donation.

Soldiers' Angels Treats for Troops candy drive

Have you heard of the program? Businesses, schools, churches, and more, collect candy on behalf of Soldiers' Angels, and all the candy ends up being shipped to the charity to distribute. Then they take the candy and ship it to deployed service members and patients in VA Hospitals across the country. Last year they collected and distributed almost 35,000 pounds of Halloween candy!

Where to donate?

Here in Missoula, Children's Dentistry of the Rockies is where you can drop off your extra candy for Treats for Troops. As an added bit of fun, your kids can even make a buck or two when they donate. Teach those youngsters about sharing, helping others, and the value of a hard-earned dollar!

Bring in excess Halloween candy and we will give $1 per pound of candy brought in. We then donate it to our troops and veterans through this wonderful program. ~ Children's Dentisty of the Rockies Facebook Page ~

Other cool programs through Soldiers' Angels

I had never heard of the group before but they do some really neat stuff throughout the year for members of the military. Holiday Stockings for Heroes and Holiday Adopt-A-Family are coming up for the holidays, but there are also special events throughout the year including a blanket donation and sock donation. You can learn more HERE.

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