Several small schools throughout Montana will receive patriotic education boxes starting Thursday, April 26th. Members of the Daughters of the American Revolution will deliver these boxes to over 240 schools this spring through the fall. Spokeswoman Susan Reneau describes what will be in each box.

“It is going to contain a binder full of fabulous factoids, plus two copies of the U.S. Constitution, two copies of the Declaration of Independence, a frameable picture of George Washington and a bunch of other cool stuff,” Reneau said.

According to Reneau, Jane Hamman is the State Regent for DAR and she created this program.

“What Jane has learned living in the tiny town of Clancy is that a lot of the small schools across Montana kind of get ignored when it comes to material,” Reneau said. “Our big schools in Missoula, as well as across the state, don’t need to worry about it as much.”

18 small schools in Missoula will eventually receive boxes. The first box will be delivered to Valley Christian Elementary.

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