A University of Montana student is in the Missoula County Jail on $100,000 bond after being accused of beating and threatening a woman, and allegedly forcing her to sign a document so that ‘he wouldn’t hit her’.

24 year-old Rexford Robinson was charged with two counts of partner or family member assault, one of which is his third, a felony, along with two felony counts of assault with a weapon, and a felony tampering with a witness charge.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke related the details of the arrest report to Judge Landee Holloway, asking for bond to be set at $100,000.

“This defendant put the victim through a week of terror instilling in her a great deal of fear,” began Koepke. “Beginning on September 30 or October 1, the defendant began his assault on the woman who he recently began dating by punching her in the face in front of witnesses. On Tuesday, he assaulted her with a belt and pointed a gun in her face. On Thursday, after one of the victim’s friends reported the violence to law enforcement, this defendant called the victim, threatening her safety if she reported to law enforcement.”

Koepke said the alleged abuse continued after law enforcement officers left the scene.

“After officers left, he again approached her, held a knife to her neck and threatened her with her life again if she had any future contact with law enforcement,” she said. “The investigation into this case is ongoing, and the state is considering filing other felony counts.”

Court documents indicate that ‘Jane Doe stated that Robinson told her that he would stop hitting her if she signed a document saying it was okay for him to hit her’.

For his part, Robinson told Judge Holloway that ‘he had alibi witnesses who would state that he was at work when the incidents occurred, and that he had a signed contract by the accuser who requested certain sexual acts that he was not comfortable with and that she insisted that he write the contract and sign it which he did not feel comfortable doing. He claimed that he was being set up by a group of women who do not want him at their sorority parties. He said an investigation would prove that he is entire innocent of the charges against him.’

Judge Holloway set bail at $100,000 and ordered Robinson to an initial appearance on October 24.

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