20 year-old Jason Devon Lenoir appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Wednesday accused a raping his ex-girlfriend while she was intoxicated and had passed out. 

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brittany Santorno explained why the State wanted such a high bail.

"We'd be requesting bail in the amount of $100,000," Santorno began. "This defendant admitted to breaking into the victim's home through her window while she had an order of protection against him at the time. When he was inside the home, he admitted that he had sex with her while she was passed out intoxicated."

Santorno said there were other aspects of the incident that warranted a high bail.

"This clearly is a major offense, he poses a high risk to the community," she said. " Additionally, he has few ties to the community, he is from Texas, and his criminal history shows an aggravated assault arrest in Texas barely a month ago just before he returned to Montana. For those reasons, we're asking for that high bail amount."

Judge Anderson set bail at $100,000 and remanded Lenoir back to the Missoula County Jail.


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