At around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Missoula Police officers responded to a disturbance at a residence in the 1300 block of East Broadway. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The caller reported that a male that he knew, and identified as 21-year-old Dean Madplume Jr., was trying to get in his residence and was also in possession of what he described as an air rifle,” Welsh said. “Responding officers were not able to locate Mr. Madplume immediately, but did make contact with the complainant who said that Madplume had entered the residence without permission and when they told him to leave, he threatened persons inside with the air rifle and threatened to shoot out the windows of the apartment.”

According to the complainant, Madplume pointed the air rifle at his head and threatened to shoot him. The complainant stated he knew the rifle was an air rifle but was afraid of being shot in the eyes. He mentioned that he knows the air rifle is capable of inflicting serious damage because he has used it to hunt birds.

“Madplume left the residence, but went around to the rear and was not immediately observable by the officers when they arrived,” Welsh said. “However, they did eventually locate him near the front of the residence and took him into custody. He was not armed with the air rifle at the time, but it was located a short distance away in an adjacent dumpster.”

The air rifle was loaded and had a BB in the chamber when officers found it. During Madplume’s transport to the jail, he made comments about bailing himself out and “getting” the officers later. He also uttered numerous gender and race-based expletives at the officers.

Officers also discovered that Madplume had a felony warrant for his arrest. Madplume was charged with one count of felony aggravated burglary.

On November 23, 2020, Madplume was charged with felony theft, DUI, reckless driving, driving while suspended, and feeling from or eluding a peace officer.

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