31 year-old Adam Young is in the Missoula County Jail on $20,000 bond after floating the Blackfoot River and getting drunk on Tequila, then telling his girlfriend he wanted to kill himself and take her with him.

At Missoula Justice Court on Monday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mark Handelman said that Young attempted to grab the wheel of the vehicle his girlfriend was driving and steer it into traffic, as well as placing his foot on the gas pedal sending the vehicle into the oncoming lane where they nearly collided with other vehicles.

Handelman said that after returning to a residence in West Riverside, Young obtained a pistol and threw it at the woman, injuring her. He then racked the slide and a bullet ejected, striking the woman in the throat.

When Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, Young refused to provide his name, so the female victim confirmed he was Adam Young.

The victim asked the judge to release Young on his own recognizance, however, Judge Marie Andersen set bail at $20,000 and ordered Young to appear again on August 7.

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