After 25 years, Bike Walk Bus Week has changed its name to Walk and Roll Missoula in an effort to reflect their partnership with the University of Montana. Bicycle Pedestrian Program Manager Ben Weiss explains.

“It is an effort to be more inclusionary,” said Weiss. “We realize that there are many ways you can roll to your destination. You can ride a bike, you can take a bus, you can take a skate board, you can use a wheel share or other mobility assisted devices. We just wanted to be as inclusive as possible to all the choices that people are making out there.”

Weiss says that they are aware not everyone can make these choices and that the goal of this event is not to shame people for driving.

“The goal instead is to highlight the benefits of having multiple options out there so that if I choose to ride a bike then that is one less car if you need to drive,” Weiss said. “There is less congestion on the road and it is easier for you to get to your destination and it is easier for both of us.”

This year’s celebration will last from September 16th to the 24th and will feature over 75 events sponsored by over 60 organizations. For more information you can visit their website

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