The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 14 new criminal complaints this week. Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings explains.

“Five of those, sadly, were crimes of violence,” Jennings said. “There were four cases of family violence, meaning a domestic violence or partner or family member assault. There was one non family violence case that involved an incident at the jail between two inmates. We filed three endangerment crimes and all of those involved driving under the influence. We only charge at the felony level by complaint in our office. That means that somebody has four or more DUIs. There are some other alternatives too depending on how dangerous they were on the roads when they were driving.”

According to Jennings, there was one theft case and five drug cases.

“Meth continues to be a problem in our community,” Jennings said. “Law enforcement and our office are doing everything we can to make sure we bring people to justice and that they get the help they need when that is available to them. I think we have about three new cases that we are reviewing today. That is a total of about 14 this week with perhaps a couple more being filed today.”

The Missoula County Attorney’s Office generously provides KGVO with a crime report every Friday morning on Talk Back.

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