According to the Missoula County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, the missing trailer containing the all-terrain TRAC chair was recovered over the weekend.

"This morning deputies recovered the trailer and the tracked wheel-chair from a theft that occurred in the city that was being investigated by the Missoula Police Department. We are in the process of getting it returned to it's rightful owner."


Missoula Police are searching for a special wheelchair that was stolen from a parking area in the 1600 block of Milwaukee Way, likely during the night of December 6th.

"We received a call from a man who reported that his cargo trailer had been stolen from his parking lot at his residence and what was significant about this particular trailer is that it contained an all-terrain TRAC wheelchair that this man had just received," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "He is a military veteran and he had just received the wheelchair from the Wounded Warrior Project. "

The special wheelchair has triangular tracks, kind of like a tank, that allow it to go in difficult terrain and the veteran would use it for hunting.

"It's quite an intricate piece of machinery and you can imagine the value of this, especially to somebody who enjoys the outdoors, so we would really like to find this vehicle and the ones responsible for taking it," Welsh said. "The trailer actually has a Montana trailer plate: 491-990B the wheel chair does not have a plate."

The trailer is white and had other handicap aids in it as well at the time it was stolen. According to Welsh, the incident qualifies as a felony theft. Please call 911 with any information.

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