The National Sports Media Association has named Riley Corcoran, the ‘Voice of the Griz’ for University of Montana football and men’s basketball, as the Montana Sportscaster of the Year for the second straight year.

Corcoran said he was proud and humbled to get the call from the NSMA this week.

“It’s always so humbling to get a call from Dave Goren, the Executive Director of the NSMA, the National Sports Media Association,” said Corcoran. “Really, for what I do I would consider it the highest honor that you can get, and they run a great program with the Hall of Fame and the National Sportscaster and Sports Writer of the Year awards. I was fortunate enough to win it again, and when Dave gave me the call it was quite the humbling deal.”

One of the reasons Corcoran has been so successful is the effortless way he relates the action on the field or the court to fans listening on the radio, through what is referred to as ‘the theater of the mind’. He said preparation has changed for sportscasters over the years from using index cards to computers and other high-tech tools.

“For me, I use what are called ‘spotter boards’ and they basically are my guide,” he said. “I consider that in every game I’m taking an open book test in every single game. It’s my job to make sure all the facts are in front of me on my spotter board. It’s a constant work in progress, you’re always making it sound fresh. Hopefully, on game day, I hope it does sound seamless, and the reason it sounds that way on Saturday is the work you put into the game prep on Tuesday more than anything else. I’ve been a sports junkie all my life, like when I was collecting stats on Alonzo Walker from Portland State last night (Monday) trying to chronicle his journey, I love that, game in and game out, and that’s why I’m so fortunate to have this job.”

Corcoran said one incident in his first year as the Voice of the Griz impressed on him just how passionate Griz fans can be.

“”The first year I went out on the GSA (Grizzly Scholarship Association) tour there was a faithful 95 year-old Grizzly fan that listened to every single game on the radio and there was one slip-up I had on the radio during the fifth game of the season, and six months later she called me out on it, so right there was my perfect example. Everybody listens, everybody cares, and that’s why this place is so special.”

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