The University of Montana will hold Summer Orientation this month for new undergraduate students starting at UM in fall semester 2018.

“The program runs for three days from Wednesday, June 20 through Friday, June 22,” said Devin Carpenter with the UM Undergraduate Admissions Office. “It’s an opportunity for incoming students to meet some of their peers. They’ll become familiar with the campus as well as all the programs ands resources that are available to them. It’s also their first opportunity to interact with their faculty and advisers within their academic departments to make final adjustments to their schedules.”

Carpenter said the students will be staying in the dorms on campus.

“The fun part of the program is that we actually do house them on campus, the students only, and their families are asked to find lodging in the community.”

Carpenter said the students who attend summer orientation do not have an advantage in getting classes over those who arrive at the start of the fall term.

“We actually do something cool for incoming freshmen in that they’re invited to take part in something called My Academics on line, which allows them to walk through an academic interest questionnaire,” he said. “It helps them to clear all of the holds on their account, and their advisers are actually pre-registering them in a set of core courses. They’ll receive that schedules either in the summer or the fall.”

Parents and family members are encouraged to attend a concurrent but separate program.

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